About Us

Our Company Özen Çelik Yay Ltd. Şti. is active in spring industry since 1990.
We are continuing to provide best services to our customers as Özen Çelik Yay,

In Automotive, Motorcycle, Agriculture, Elevator, White Appliances,
Furniture, Gas Armatures, Child Goods, Lightening, Electrical Home
Appliances, Gun, Machine, Bathroom Accessories and in many other industries,

With our wide product range, With our cutting edge CNC machine parkour,
With our solution oriented professional service perception aimed at adaptation with customer demands, With our professionalist and experienced staff,

Since our foundation.

Our company acts with our customers in all R&D activities in line with requests and is giving priority to customer satisfaction by actualizing all kinds of new investments when required.

All kinds of

- Coil Spring

- Compression Spring

- Return Spring

- Cocking Spring

- Form Wire (Shaped Wire)

produced on the machine parkour consisted of CNC machines, are tracked meticulously from material entry to product delivery, in all processes and our system was certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
In line with customer demands,

EN 10270-1 (DIN 17223) A,B,C,D Quality Spring Steel Wires,
EN 10270-2 Oil Tempered CrSi Spring Wires
EN 10270-3 (AISI 302,304,316) Stainless Spring Steel Wires

and other springs can be manufactured by using other special alloyed wires..With our cutting edge German technology CNC machine, all kinds of coil springs can be winded up by using high quality CrSi spring steel up to 18,00 mm wire diameter.